Monday, May 13, 2013

The Brushy Creek Lake Park - a treat to ride

The Brushy Creek Lake Park is one of my favorite places to ride. It had been awhile since I'd ridden here. It is possible to ride your bike to the park but today I drove there.
This is a simple scenic shot from a circle of rocks. they're more like small boulders, each making a comfortable seat.

The circle, easily one of my favorite spots at the park.  I imagine one day filling it with fellow writers and coming together to write. It's one of the best places I know to think and create.

This is another favorite place, the labyrinth. I walk it only if I have some serious issues to work on. I clear the path of extra rocks, sticks, twigs, anything that doesn't let me walk without interruption. In cleaning the path, I clear my mind. I think if I ever reach the center, I will become a god.

My third favorite place at this park is at a bench overlooking the water. That spot merits its own photographic montage so I won't post any this time. The early morning is beautiful, and the evening is quite serene. Over several visits, I'll try to capture some of the moments at that spot.

What I did capture was a guy in running stilts!
This park holds so many surprises.